Who Should I Expect to Find at St. George's?

We are a community of varied ages, genders, ethnic and racial backgrounds, nationalities and geographic origins, sexual orientations, economic situations, family structures, abilities, and religious backgrounds. We have life-long Virginians and those who will only be in the area for a short time. We are single, married, partnered, divorced, widowed, remarried and "it's complicated." We are clergy, community activists, bankers, photographers, artists, lawyers, architects, students, and everything in between. Needless to say, if you show up you will most likely find someone like you (and, even better, build relationships with those who aren't).

We are different. And, we are the same. We are an inclusive and vibrant community committed to loving and living the questions. All are welcome and valued. 

What Does It Mean to Be Episcopal?

St. George's Episcopal Church is one of ten Episcopal congregations in Arlington County - also known as Region 3 - within the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. This means that St. George's is part of the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion, whose members trace their spiritual lineage to the Church of England. 

The beliefs and practices of Anglican Christians are found in The Book of Common Prayer, prayed together around the world by all Anglicans. 

Anglicans, as members of the Communion are generally called, typically pursue God’s love and truth through Scripture, tradition, and reason.

Scripture - The Word of God, which is completely sufficient to our reconciliation to God,  must speak to us in our own time and place.

tradition - The traditions of the Church (amassed over 2,000 years) in interpreting Scripture connect all generations of believers together and give us a starting point for our own understanding.

reason - Every Christian must build an understanding and relationship with God’s Word in the Bible, and to do that, God has given us intelligence and our own experience, which we refer to as “Reason.”

Based on the text of Scripture, and the teachings of Christians through the ages, we must then come to an understanding of God's truth as it relates to our own lives. (from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia)

We profess two creeds in the Episcopal Church: the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. You may read both here.

When Are Worship Services?

Each Sunday, St. Georgians gather for two very different, but complementary, worship services:

8:00 AM is a traditional Rite I service. Quiet and contemplative, worship includes Holy Eucharist and a sermon, and music during the offertory, communion, and postlude, as well as a closing sung hymn;

10:30 AM is a broad Episcopal Rite II service. Worship includes Holy Eucharist and a sermon. Worshipers at this service are inspired every Sunday by the anthems sung by our St. George's Choir, the organ music of our music director, Ben Keseley, and the voices of the whole congregation joining in the hymns and service music. 

Each Wednesday, at 12:05PM, we offer a Rite II service with an informal Eucharist. Lections are often those for Saints' days. There is a short interactive homily.

On the second Wednesday of each month, we offer a Labyrinth (any time from 6:30-8:00pm) and a Taizé prayer service (7:00-7:45pm) during St. George's Contemplative Night. We hope you will join us.

I Am Not an Episcopalian. Can I Come to Your Church?

Absolutely. All are invited. All are welcome. And, we can almost guarantee that you won't be the only non-Episcopalian in attendance.

What Are the Office Hours?

Office hours are 10:00AM to 3:00PM Monday-Friday.

Where Are You Located?

St. George's is located at 915 N. Oakland Street in Arlington, Virginia. View a map and get more location information here.

What Is the Dress Code? 

There is no dress code at St. George's (spoken or unspoken), we just ask that you wear something. At St. George's, you will see a wide range of dress, from t-shirts and jeans to "Sunday best" and everything in between. 

Are Children Welcome During Worship Services? 

At St. George’s, our deep commitment to respecting and valuing all persons extends joyfully to the youngest members of our congregation. 

While we have many options available for children on Sunday mornings, all children are always welcome in worship services. The crying, laughing, and joyful "amens!" of children are often heard throughout the service. There is no expectation that children should be silent. Our youngest parishioners are not only welcome, they are valued.

To read more about our children & youth programs, click here.


 Absolutely. St. George's welcomes all without exception. Our commitment to welcoming all is evidenced in our upcoming plans for renovation of our property. Learn all about that here.

Practically, we offer handicap parking in our small parking lot located at the corner of North Oakland Street and North Fairfax Drive. You will find our back doors and front doors accessible. Once inside, please don't hesitate to let an usher or member of our clergy or staff know if you need assistance - most especially during the Eucharist, when ushers are available (and more than happy) to assist.  St. Georgians are a welcome group of diverse abilities, and we would love to have you join us.

If you have a child with special needs, please contact our Associate Rector John Shellito to let us know how we might make attendance at St. George's an easier and more comfortable experience for your family. 

How Do I Get Involved?

St. George's is a vibrant and engaged community that values individuals for their unique gifts and provides space for ownership and innovation in service of the greater community. Visit our Community page to find ways to connect and become active within our parish. Visit our Action page to find ways to connect with and serve the greater community. 

Still have questions? Please contact us