Refugee Crisis


Refugee Crisis

Raise Your Voice Refugee Advocacy Workshop

Dear friends and neighbors,

On behalf of NoVa Friends of Refugees, we would like to thank you for participating in the Raise Your Voice Refugee Advocacy Workshop and Volunteer Fair this past Saturday, March 18. Our team was moved by the outpouring of interest and support - more than 300 people showed up for the event to hear refugee stories, sharpen advocacy skills, engage with elected officials and their staff.  You have demonstrated that the American welcoming spirit is alive and shines bright.

We want to share how to continue to get involved and engaged and a few resources helpful for advocacy work.

Stay in touch with NoVa Friends of Refugees

Join NoVa Friends of Refugee google group (if haven't already done so) by visiting: or email me to request to be added

Please follow and like us on Facebook (

Start Advocating 

Participate in the 2X4 Fight for Refugees advocacy campaign to commit to calling your elected officials 4 times in 2 months.  The campaign was created by NoVa Friends of Refugees and scaled by the Episcopal Church

Stay tuned for NoVa Friends of Refugee's future advocacy events on field office visits and more in-depth workshops on inter-personal and policy advocacy

Review EPIC Laser Talk technique and other advocacy resources published by RESULTS

Start Volunteering

Contact the Fair participating organizations.  Participant list is as follows: The Advocacy NetCatholic Charities of ArlingtonEpiscopal Migration MinistriesEPPNEthiopian Community Development Council,Humanity Helping Sudan ProjectIRCJust NeighborsLa Cocina VAThe Refugee Doll ProjectUSCRIUpwardly Global

Helpful Resources for Advocacy

Useful data and statistics on refugees from IRC and NoVa Friends of Refugees' own Kenn Speicher (see attached)

Great marketing research done by Democracy Fund Voice that unpacks the fear and anxiety of the anti-refugee voters - helpful for messaging and interpersonal advocacy

A helpful description and illustration provided by USCRI detailing the current complex vetting process

Terrorism and Immigration: a Risk Analysis published by the Cato Institute estimates the risk of an American perishing in a terrorist attack cause by a refugee is 1 in 3.6 billion, illustrating the unfounded fear on refugees

HIAS published an useful guide on inter-personal advocacy of talking to friends and family about refugees

Thank you all for coming!  We hope to see you at our future events.

Raise Your Voice Event Organizers

Wendy Chan, Norma Kacen, Kenn Speicher, Hadya Adbul Satar, Seema Nanda

Refugee Forum Series (June 2016)

The world is facing the greatest humanitarian displacement since World War II, and the interfaith community across religions and denominations is challenging people of faith to respond as our faiths teach us.  In anticipation of the World Refugee Day (June 20, 2016), St George's hosted a three-part refugee forum series to facilitate a dialogue with the community on the challenges and opportunities in the global refugees crisis.


The forums speakers included refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Afghanistan, and refugee experts from UNHCR, the Department of State, USCCB, Church World Service, The Episcopal Church, and other prominent refugee services organizations. 

Join Northern Virginia (NoVa) Friends of Refugees

Building on momentum of the summer refugee forums, St. George's is initiating a local community network to connect individuals with a desire to involve in refugee advocacy and resettlement work in Northern Virginia. This group will share resources and opportunities to promote immigrants and refugees issues.  To join the mailing list, contact Wendy Chan ( ) or visit: