Community of Hope


Community of Hope

What is Community of Hope?

Community of Hope is a lay listening ministry for spiritual support and pastoral care. The Community of Hope International website describes it this way:

"In short, Community of Hope International equips lay people to serve in all forms of pastoral care. Pastoral care is when a person is being “present” in a listening, compassionate, non-controlling manner to an individual or group for the purpose of consciously or unconsciously representing God to them and seeking to respond to their spiritual needs.

Through ongoing, spiritual formation and practical lessons on care giving, members learn to match theological insights and spiritual practices with their experiences of ministering to others and giving spiritual guidance" 

What is the History of Community of Hope at St. George's? 

St. George's began its initial 14-week training and teaching series in January, 2015, with weekly meetings ending with a day-long retreat. On June 28, 2015, St. George's commissioned its first group of eleven Lay Chaplains. 

What is the current Community of Hope Ministry? 

St. George's Lay Chaplains continue to meet once a month to learn, teach, worship, listen, pray and to give and receive support and feedback.  

Jessica West and Keith Fairbrother are Pastoral Care Coordinators for the ministry. The Rev. John Shellito provides clergy support. 

Lay Chaplains for St. George's are: Kay Bean, Elliott Branch, Patricia Droppers, Seton Droppers, Keith Fairbrother, Manuel Figallo, Wayne Lewis, Melissa Maynard, Allison Otto, Carol Temple, and Jessica West.

This program, in addition to others, is meant to strengthen the network of care offered to meet the pastoral needs of the St. George's community. St. George's Lay Chaplains reach out to those on the prayer list to offer support and the opportunity to connect in person. Some lay pastoral caregivers also pray with members of the congregation as part of our Intercessor ministry during Communion in our 8:00am and 10:30am Sunday services.

If you are not on the St. George's prayer list and would like to be contacted by one of the Lay Chaplains, please email Jessica West at  . You may also call the church office (703-525-8286).