Life, Community & Faith Class


Life, Community & Faith Class

What is LC&F?

Life, Community and Faith is about connecting the dots between our everyday lives, who we are as unique individuals, and what it means to be part of a faith community. We talk about the joys and challenges of trying to stay connected to God each day while navigating family and work. We learn how to be real with each other, how to pray in a variety of ways, and what it means to live the Episcopal way of being a Christian. We also talk about big picture topics like why Episcopalians are o.k. with evolution, same gender marriage, and how we understand our life with God as an ongoing journey. We invite you to join us.

Why join a lc&f class?

1. You want to feel more connected at St. George's. 

2. You want to get to know a small group of people well. 

3. You have been coming for a while and are considering becoming a member. 

4. You are a member of another denomination and are wondering if the Episcopal Church is right for you.

5. You want to explore your faith journey in a very intentional way for 8 weeks.

You can be a complete newcomer, a long-time member or anyone in-between. 

What are class alumni saying?


Register for the class or learn more 

If you are interested in registering for the next Life, Community & Faith Class, please email our Rector, the Reverend Shearon Williams, at  . Class sizes are limited to 15 .