Our music ministry actively involves children, youth and adults through participation in six different choirs. We place great importance on the value of knowing and serving God through the offering of music in the worship of God’s Church. Our goal is to grow in our stewardship of the musical gifts God has given us, and through this work experience ourselves, and inspire in others, a deeper faith in Christ.

We invite you to explore our choral offerings below. In addition to using the voice well and music theory, our choirs help cultivate many life-long skills, such as committment, confidence, and teamwork. You do not need to be a member of St. George's to participate in these choirs. All are welcome.

Please contact our Minister of Music, Dr. Ben Keseley, for more information.

To register, or find out more information please visit our website at:



Music opportunities for young children:

Angel Choir (Grades preK-K)

Music opportunities for Boys and Girls:

Saint Cecilia Choir (Grades 1 & 2)

Saint George's Choristers (Grades 3-12)

Music Opportunities for Teenagers and Adults:

Saint George's Choristers (Grades 3-12)

St. George's Choir (Changed voices and trebles grades 10-12, and Adults)