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Stewardship 2018

10.30.17 | by Parish Administrator

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    We love witnessing how hearts are open at Saint George’s Episcopal Church to ministries that transform lives at our church, in our Arlington community, across Virginia, and around the globe. Throughout our Stewardship Campaign, you will hear many of these stories from people who share the pews with you at Saint George’s. Your fellow parishioners will reflect on how God calls them (and each of us) to open their hearts, to hear God’s word, and to do God’s work. And you will hear from God, who is speaking to you through each story of transformation and ministry.

    Our ministries at Saint George’s are profoundly relevant to the lives in our congregation, to the community that surrounds us, and to God, who opens our hearts, hands, minds, and mouths to do God’s work. Our ministries open boxes of food, windows of hope, and minds of creative and joyous wonder. They open us to our own gifts, some yet unknown, and to paths not seen before. For example, we have:

    • Fed an average of 31 food pantry clients per day
    • Provided pastoral care to about 120 parishioners in the last year
    • Hosted a refugee advocacy workshop and volunteer fair that garnered high interest, with about 300 attendees
    • Through VOICE, conducted 6 partnering sessions with 30 apartment residents to advance their concerns to Arlington County officials
    • Retreated together to Shrine Mont with about 100 other Saint Georgians
    • Enjoyed hearing our choirs sing over 200 anthems and 300 hymns, as well as over 60 settings of the psalms, in the past year; we also had 35 students in the youth choirs
    • Served approximately 1,350 meals through the HOST program so far this year
    • 40 students enrolled in Sunday School

     “All Hearts Are Open,” which comes from the Collect for Purity, is a call to action for each of us to respond as God leads us. Our involvement in Saint George’s and support for its ministries grew over the years we have been attending, and we find that offering our time, talent, and treasure to the church is a major way we can open our hearts in response to God’s grace working in our lives and in others’ lives. We invite you to join us. In particular, between now and Saint George’s Ingathering Sunday on November 5th, please consider how you might offer your gifts to the church. Then, we encourage you to fill out the enclosed pledge card accordingly and lay it on the altar on November 5th.

    Our Vestry, Clergy and Stewardship leaders have already committed not to take their pledge amount from last year and simply write 2017’s figure on 2018’s pledge cards. Instead, they have each prayerfully committed, to tithe or give proportionally as best they can.

    Please join them in their commitment as you discern how God is calling you to open your heart more broadly into the generous life God gives to others through us. Your commitment to our stewardship campaign is an essential gift that fuels Saint George’s transformational ministries in Arlington and beyond.

    Faithfully yours,

    Bob Clarke,                             Parks Gilbert,                        The Rev. Shearon  Williams

    Stewardship Co-Chair     Stewardship Co-Chair     Rector