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Walk in Love: Stewardship 2017

10.28.16 | by Parish Administrator

Walk in Love: Stewardship 2017

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    We love witnessing how the ministries at St. George’s Episcopal Church “walk in love” among us, transforming lives in our community and beyond. Over the past few weeks, you have heard many stories of this transformation through ministry minutes.  And you heard from God, who is speaking to you through the people who worship with you at St. George’s and who walk deeply in our many ministries here.

       When we give to St. George’s, we support these ministries, which empower, restore hope, engage, serve, feed, worship, and embody both the community that surrounds us and God’s walk with us.  Fundamentally, these ministries are the way we walk in love together. For example, we have:

    • Fed 12,500 clients from our food pantry (in 2015)
    • Provided pastoral care to about 90 parishioners
    • Taught 67 Sunday School students
    • Hosted a successful refugee awareness forum that garnered high interest, with about 130 attendees
    • Retreated together to Shrine Mont with 120 other St. Georgians
    • Enjoyed the musical talents and contributions of about 130 music ministry participants
    • Had an average of over 30 people attend 20s and 30s

       Our involvement in St. George’s and support for its ministries grew over the years we have been attending. We find that offering our time, talent, and treasure to St. George’s reveals to us God’s grace working in our lives. It is a call to imitate Jesus in a way that focuses on the actions and movements of God among us and within us. It is also a call to respond proportionally.

        We invite you intentionally to do three things between now and November 6, Ingathering Sunday. As you eat your meal, manage your calendar, or balance your checking account, prayerfully discern your responsibility to use the time, talent, and treasure that God has given you. The vestry members, clergy, and the three of us have committed to pledge early. We all also committed to prayerfully considering not simply taking this year’s amount and writing it in for next year. As a group, we have increased our pledges by an average of 4.7%. Please follow our lead as you discern how God is calling you to walk more broadly into the generous path God gives others through us. 

          We are especially grateful for the way you walk in love with everyone at St. George’s. Your faithful presence, witness, and generosity help to sustain our ministry and our life together. Your commitment to our stewardship campaign is an essential gift that fuels St. George’s transformational ministries in Arlington and beyond.

             Walk in love with us!