Cynthia Clark Library & Archives


Cynthia Clark Library & Archives

The Cynthia Clark Library serves the St. George’s community by offering materials that have spiritual themes and that support the interests and activities of St. George’s ministries.

Parishioners are invited to come to the Rhodes Room to explore this great resource and borrow books and other resources. You can download an Excel file that lists many of the resources available in the library. (Of course, we acquire new resources all the time, so the list might not be completely up to date).

Donations can be sent to or dropped off directly at the St. George’s volunteer office.


In June 2011, St. George's Vestry approved a proposal to name the book collection housed in the Rhodes Room the “Cynthia Clark Library and Archives” as a way to honor and remember Cynthia Clark’s work and dedication to St. George’s. Cynthia was a gifted writer and editor and a dedicated reader. Among her many contributions to St. George's, Cynthia authored a history of the parish on the occasion of our 100th anniversary.

Since that time, a group of dedicated volunteers has worked to organize and expand our library collection and make it more accessible to parishioners. Volunteers also work to maintain and share documents and photos that tell the story of St. George’s through the years.

For more information about the cynthia clark library & archives, contact Ellen Harpel at