Opportunities to Serve on Sunday


Opportunities to Serve on Sunday

Acting as an Acolyte

Acolytes ages 8 to adult serve at both the 8:00 and 10:30 Sunday services, leading the worship procession and assisting at the altar. Our 8:00 acolytes are generally adults; while our youth serve as crucifers and torchbearers at the 10:30 service. We provide training at least annually, and regular opportunities to gather with other acolytes and refresh our skills.

We hope that serving will inspire each acolyte to deepen his or her faith and relationship with God, to learn more about the worship service and the traditions of the church, and to become a leader in worship. We also hope that the acolyte family will provide a community of friends and peers in faith that can support each acolyte on his or her journey.

For more information on becoming an acolyte contact Allison Otto: .

View the Acolyte Manual here.

Serving as a Eucharistic Minister

St. George's encourages the participation of lay people as Eucharistic Ministers. Eucharistic Ministers are delegated to assist in the distribution of communion for which specific training and instruction are necessary. If you are interested in serving at the altar as a Eucharistic Minister, please contact Davis Jones at .

Offering Intercessory Prayer 

Intercessory prayer is offered every Sunday during the Eucharist. Participants in intercessory prayer may ask for prayers for themselves, for others or for justice or God’s mercy for a hurting world. If you are interested in training and acting as an intercessor, please contact Dennis Fish at 

Serving as an Usher

The role of the usher at St. George’s is a simple one. Ushers are there to enable the congregation to better experience the worship service by taking care of a few essential tasks in an unobtrusive and efficient manner. Ushers are also there as a resource for people so that they may better experience the service. If you are interested in serving as an usher, please contact Emily Davis at

View the Usher Manual here.

Acting as a Lector

At St. George's, a lector is a member of the congregation who assists the minister in the worship service by reading the appointed lessons for the service. If you are interested in this important ministry, please contact Toby Walter at 

Singing in the Choir

Our music ministry is a source of great joy within our community. It actively involves children, youth and adults encompassing rehearsed ensembles to spirited congregational singing. We seek to praise God, grow in our stewardship of the musical gifts God has given us, and, through this work, inspire in others and experience ourselves, a deeper faith in Christ and glimpses of God's beauty.

We hope you will join us in making beautiful music by singing in one of our ensembles, attending our special musical events, and, most importantly, raising your voice together with us as we offer our prayers and praises together in worship.

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Serving on the Altar Guild

St. George's altar guild acts to prepare the chancel and sanctuary for all Sunday and weekday services, including baptisms, weddings and funerals. The Altar Guild welcomes and needs new members, both men and women. If you are interested in learning more about the Altar Guild or in joining this important ministry, please contact Marge Miller at  .

If you are already a member of a Worship Ministry and need to access the schedule, please visit the Sign-Up Genius Portal for Worship Ministries by clicking here.