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April Vestry Update

Posted by Mary Martha Churchman on

At its April meeting, Shearon informed the Vestry that the family of Alice Cox, a long time member who died recently, advised her Saint George’s can expect to receive a bequest of $250,000 from Alice’s estate. The family is excited that this gift might benefit the capital campaign.   While the funds are not immediately available, Seville Allen left a similar bequest, which remains available in the Altar and Special Funds accounts if needed. Accordingly, the Vestry authorized the Renovations Committee to proceed with the architect to develop more detailed cost proposals for conceptual design using an estimated budget of $1.5 Million. The recently concluded capital campaign raised $1.22 Million in pledges, and San Jose is expected to contribute a small additional amount. Because we did not quite meet the $1.8 million target required to accomplish all the proposed renovations, the committee has developed the following priorities, which take into consideration feedback from the congregation in recent listening sessions:

  1. Lower the floor in the church (Nave), from back wall all the way to the front wall.
  2. Replace underfloor heating in the entire Nave
  3. Replace the Air Conditioning in the chancel with underground system (removing the square towers in the corners)
  4. Replace seating (pews and/or chairs still to be determined)
  5. Replace the Air Conditioning, underfloor in rest of the Nave, allowing removal of the towers in the back corners.
  6. Sound, light, and acoustic systems.

The architectural estimates for the conceptual design with a $1.5Million budget will determine how far down the list of priorities we can go, but certainly 1-3.   After the conceptual design is received, it is possible that additional pledges could come in to allow completion of the final items on the list. In any case, nothing will be done that would have to be redone in a later phase when we have enough money to complete the project.   The work done in the first phase, if we are unable to get through all six priorities will be sufficient to make the space ready for a new organ.

In other business, the Vestry:

  • Endorsed an EYC project to develop a “Plot Against Hunger”. The youth and their advisors will build a garden plot on land adjacent to the parking lot closest to the narthex doors to grow food for distribution through the county food bank.
  • Approve the position of Space Host. The Space Host, to be paid $18/hour, will be present 10 hours a week on evenings when the building is most heavily used by outside groups, and for special events. Multiple individuals will serve in the position to provide the necessary coverage. The cost will be covered by assessments and rent increases to the groups who pay to use our space.
  • Approved the expenditure of $1500 to cover expenses for a guest speaker for a one day retreat at the end of training for the Community of Hope, and an adult forum the same weekend. Twelve individuals are in the Community of Hope class
  • Approved the expenditure of $350 for the Accessibiity and Inclusion Ministry to rent a booth at the 2015 Capital Pride Festival. Saint George’s will join other local churches in having a presence at the Festival, which attracts many participants in addition to the LGBT community and is an opportunity to spread the good news about Saint George’s.  

Upcoming events and announcements:

Both the Assistant Rector and Rector will be enjoying restorative vacations in coming weeks, John to the Grand Canyon in April and Shearon to England in May.

VOICE will be conducting a joint listening session with San Jose and a presentation by the candidates for County Board.

Seminarian Grace Pratt will be ordained a Deacon on June 6 at the Falls Church Episcopal Church.

Saint George’s will have a summer seminarian for ten weeks this summer.

Youth Sunday is May 17. Vestry member and graduating senior Nathan Harpine will preach.   May will be his last Vestry meeting, leaving a half year vacancy to be filled.

John Dumsick has replaced retiring Connie Mc Adam as chair of the buildings and grounds committee.