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February Vestry Update

Posted by Mary Martha Churchman on

The 2017 Vestry met in a weekend retreat at the Diocese of Virginia conference center at Roslyn, near Richmond on Friday and Saturday (2/10-11).  We spent time getting to know each other and preparing for the year’s work by worshipping, sharing our spiritual journey, agreeing on ground rules for discernment, eating and socializing together.

In addition we held our February Vestry meeting (in lieu of meeting on the regularly scheduled third Wednesday). We elected officers (Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer and Register) and discussed the various ministry liaison roles and chose assignments, which are listed each week in the Sunday service leaflet.  The ministry areas remain the same as last year with a few exceptions.  The Senior Warden, previously liaison to the Renovations committee, will now be liaison to the New Revenue initiatives.  Fellowship was made a stand-alone ministry area.  The name “Body Builders” has proven to be poorly understood so it will be dropped.  The small groups and one-time functions previously comprising “Body Builders” will be included along with activities previously included in the “Accessibility and Inclusion” ministry area in a new ministry liaison area, which has not yet been named. 

The Vestry plans to recognize the many volunteers who do the work of all the ministry areas in a series of monthly Gratitude Minutes during Sunday services. 

The Vestry discussed the financial condition of the parish, reviewed the Treasurer’s reports and vestry member’s role in financial processes.

The Vestry approved a resolution establishing and setting the charter for a new committee, co-chaired by Anna Alt-White and Elena Keydel, to monitor implementation of the four new revenue streams recommended last year by the Alternative Revenue working group.  Related to one of those initiatives, the Vestry approved a letter to Kinhaven pre-school, stating St. George’s intentions to enter into good faith negotiations to rent space to them while their current host Central United Methodist Church is undergoing renovations. 

The Vestry approved a resolution amending the annual budget approved in December for 2017 to restore two line items which had been arbitrarily cut by $2700 and $1000 to the amount allocated in 2016.  Pledge income is higher than projected in December so the projected deficit is not increased by this action.   The Vestry agreed on the need to be more proactively involved at an earlier date in development of the 2018 budget, and throughout the year to align our limited resources with our priorities.