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September Vestry Update

Posted by Mary Martha Churchman on

The Vestry met at its regularly scheduled time on September 16. The meeting opened as usual with devotions and approval of minutes and treasurer’s report. The Treasurer reminded the Vestry now is the time to submit input for the development of next year’s budget, which will be previewed in November and adopted in December. The regular San Jose liaison check-in (a function of the Vestry as a whole, rather than any one member) revealed only a recurrent problem with outside doors being propped open. All outside groups have also been reminded not to prop open doors for latecomers, and the new building host position is helping with that situation during times of heavy building use.


With the Renovation project nearing fruition, the Vestry took time to review the vision for the project. The Rector articulated the vision of “Making Space for All” as having three primary elements – inclusion, community, and flexibility. Change can be difficult even when it is wanted, necessary and joyful. Each Vestry member individually expressed what the renovation project meant to them and how the project will fulfill the vision, and make our building reflect who we are as a congregation. The Vestry came out of the discussion with renewed energy and enthusiasm and commitment to lead the congregation through the messy details to come with an eye on the vision.

Following an update from the Renovation committee the Vestry approved the committee’s recommendation to enter into a contract for pre-construction services with Chamberlain Construction Corporation (not to exceed $20,000). The general contractor will work with the architect as the construction documents are created, thus ensuring that the designs and cost estimates are realistic and reducing the need for change orders later during the construction phase. Chamberlain has solid experience working well on church renovation projects with similar scope of ours. If the Vestry votes to proceed to construction when the plans are completed, Chamberlain will be the general contractor.

In light of a new national policy adopted by the Boy Scouts of America allowing individual troops and chartering organizations to act consistently with their religious beliefs, the Vestry adopted a resolution directed to the Boy Scout Troop, Venture Crew and Sea Scout Ship affiliated with Saint George’s not to deny adult or youth membership to anyone based on sexual orientation.

Members of the Vestry signed a letter of support for Grace Pratt, as presenting parish, for her ordination to the priesthood on December 12.


The Senior and Junior Warden and clergy presented leadership reports. Work to modernize the website is underway. Bob Clarke, Emily Davis, and Bradford Hardin are leading this year’s Stewardship campaign. John conducted his first wedding as officiant for a former parishioner. The EYC has doubled in size at the middle school level. St. Georgians join VOICE in supporting the County’s affordable housing plan. The Community of Hope (new pastoral care ministry) is becoming active. Clergy checked out the architect’s mock-up of the proposed new altar platform. September is busy with program start-ups. St. George’s is experiencing a baby boom, with five babies due within a few months this fall. Our seminarian for the next two years has arrived. Missie Burman is chairing his lay committee. Both of our clergy are participating in CREDO, a clergy wellness program which requires some weeks away.