Urban Abbey


Urban Abbey


The Urban Abbey is non-residential community of people who are seeking to enhance their spirituality through Benedictine-based way of being in community and supporting one another. The Urban Abbey Community seeks to enhance one’s relationship with God and with others.

At St. George’s, this way of being is lived in a community—the Urban Abbey Community—that provides experiences and support. The Urban Abbey provides another way for those who are interested in using traditional contemplative practices to enhance their personal relationships with God and to enrich the spirituality in all they do.

While the Urban Abbey is a part of St. George’s larger community, one does not need to be a member of St. George’s church to be a member of the Urban Abbey. 


St. George's Urban Abbey Rule of Life

With the intention of drawing closer to God, I will with God’s help:

Pray daily, guided by the Book of Common Prayer or another Christian format, and worship regularly in community;
Study scripture, and pursue a specifically selected spiritual formation activity annually;
Serve others, share the tasks of the Urban Abbey Community, and be mindful of God in my daily work; and
Show fellowship with a welcoming heart, seeking Christ in everyone I meet, offering comfort and celebration.


Listening Groups

Listening Groups (LGs) are an important element of the Urban Abbey. LGs are small groups of five to six people who have joined the Urban Abbey and committed to its Rule of Life. All members agree to support each other by meeting on a regular basis for prayer and sharing about how the rule is impacting their spirituality. They are called Listening Groups because the format of the group encourages participants tolisten to God for themselves and each other. LGs are designed to give the precious gift of silence,deep listening and speaking about what God might be saying from that silence for the person who is sharing. The intention of the LGs is to provide time and space where members of the Urban Abbey are given the opportunity and supported in their efforts to actively seek God, hear God leading in their own lives and where God's spirit is given free rein.

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